Why is gleicheniaceae roof more popular?


Gleicheniaceae roof is more popular in luxury resorts. Not concrete, iron, steel, tile or modern alloy, Gleicheniaceae roof is durable and brings human life closer to nature.  

The features of Gleicheniaceae

Gleicheniaceae is also called vot or te. Gleicheniaceae is family fern, distributed in tropical coutries such as: India, China, Laos, Vietnam and Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, it usually grows in the hills of the North and Central.
Gleicheniaceae is used for roofing and making high-value handicrafts

How to treat Gleicheniaceae?

  • After purchasing, Gleicheniaceae will be classified, cut and dried to achieve the quality of durability and color.
  • The shell is hard, the intestine is soft.
Mái lá guột
Gleicheniaceae roof

The advantages of Gleicheniaceae roof

  • Gleicheniaceae roof is durable, because itsn’t stagnant rainwater. In addition, with hard shell, it protect the architecture from the impacts of environment. Gleicheniaceae roof has the slope from 20 to 35 degrees, palm leaves roof and  coconut leaves roof must slope much larger, so it face the more powerful wind. Therefore, the work roofed from Gleicheniaceae has life expectancy over than 15 years. The life expectancy is higher than palm leaves roof (3 years) and coconut leaves roof (3-5 years).
Gleicheniaceae roof itsn’t stagnant rainwater
Gleicheniaceae roof itsn’t stagnant rainwater
  • The work roofed from Gleicheniaceae has high aestheticism, harmonious with surrounding natural landscape. Gleicheniaceae is umber, shiny, luxurious, suitable for high-end resorts. Especially, Gleicheniaceae roof after roofing looks smooth and orderly, not thick and low like coconut leaves roof or palm leaves roof. Gleicheniaceae roof brings folk traditional beauty, but no less luxurious and modern.
Mái lá guột
Gleicheniaceae roof
  • Gleicheniaceae roof is suitable for tropical countries with good resistance to heat, reduce temperature for the work. Living in the bamboo architectures roofed from Gleicheniaceae, you will feel extremely cool and pleasant.
  • Gleicheniaceae is harder to catch fire than other thatched roof. So the work that has Gleicheniaceae roof ensures the safety and brings the peace of mind for users.

Bambu’s projects have Gleicheniaceae roof

With the orientation to create the both durable and beautiful works. We know that the combination of bamboo and Gleicheniaceae is the most perfect in both art and technique. Let’s see Bambu’s projects have Gleicheniaceae roof.

Serena restaurant

This work is complimented by the domestic and international Press for the high creation and easthetic. It built from eco-friendly materials such as: bamboo, Gleicheniaceae leaves,… brings the rustic and simple beauty. This work is impressed by the “beautiful soul of Vetnamese countryside” blown into modern architectural style. Althought Serena restaurant is in wild mountain, it attracts thousand of visitors every year.
Serena bamboo restaurant
Serena bamboo restaurant
Serena bamboo restaurant

Everland restaurant

Everland restaurant is the delicate combination of architecture and nature. The work uses bamboo structure and Gleicheniaceae roof, offers the luxurious space that bold traditional values. With the capacity over 1000 people, the work is the best choice for every party and conference.
Vẻ đẹp vừa truyền thống, vừa hiện đại

Tram Long experimental and creative center

This is one of the most individual school in Hanoi, it just finished in 2017. The work used main materials are bamboo and Gleicheniaceae. This is the place for the pupils can experience creatively with folk traditional materials. In the modern city with many block of tall buildings, the indigenous architectural values are worthy and promoted.
Trong hình ảnh có thể có: bầu trời và ngoài trời

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