The vitality of bamboo


The vitality of bamboo

Bamboo is classified as grasses, constituting the subfamily Bambusoideae in the family Poaceae. According to Amusing Planet, bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the earth. Bamboo is easy to grow, easy to adapt to many weather and soil conditions. The story of the vitality of bamboo makes many people admire.

Bamboo forest
The vitality of bamboo is very intense – Image of bamboo forest

Bamboo harvested fast and regenerate repeatedly

While iron ores take hundreds of years to be formed, while construction timbers possible to be exploited at least 15 years, bamboo can be harvested 3-5 years later. Especially, after exploiting, bamboo will regenerate itself without planting new trees.
The main mode reproduction of bamboo is asexual reproduction by rhizomes, bamboo shoot grows from rhizomes will eventually develop into a mature culm. Because of this character, bamboo forests develop and regenerate repeatedly.
Because of above reasons, bamboo is the sustainable material. The life expectancy of architecture built from treated bamboo can last over 100 years.

Serena bamboo forest
Serena bamboo restaurant
Serena bamboo restaurant
Serena bamboo restaurant

Moso bamboo

Bamboo has very strong vitality that rare to see in any plants.
It’s easy can be found in Moso bamboo (the scientific name is Phyllostachys pubescens). After planting, within the first 5 years, Moso bamboo doesn’t have any signs of growth.  However, as a miracle, it grow up to the height of 70cm per day, even 120cm. Within 40 days, it can reach nearly the height of 30m with a diameter of culm about 18cm. The rapid growth is due to the fact that Moso bamboo were focus on developing strong and deep roots that spread throughout the soil during first 5 years.

Bamboo regenerates anuually
Bamboo regenerates anuually, brings economic benefits

Bamboo growed first in Hiroshima city

There was the case in Japan. Hiroshima city was bomed in 1945, the whole city was almost leved, no plants survived. But only some days after, people discovered the bamboo shoots in the nearby forest. If not the vitality of bamboo is so strong, the miracle didn’t happen.

The application of bamboo in life
The application of bamboo in life

Bamboo – the resource in the future

Today, Goverment of countries in the world are encourgaging to apply bamboo in many areas of life. While the national resources and iron ores become exhausted, the material from bamboo is plentiful. it probably will be the main material in the future.

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