The new trends of architecture in 2017

Tre được sử dụng nhiều trong các công trình xây dựng


2017 is the year of accession of creativity in architecture with the simple but delicate and convenient designs. The eco-friendly, saving-energy works with modern style, open space, green areas; and green building materials,… continue to be decisive role.

Opening and connecting spaces

When the quality of life is increasing, the investors start to pay attention to create green living space, close to nature.
Outside spaces such as yard, garden, balcony,… will be arranged in harmony with inside space. This trend will create wider and more convenient space for users, make the most of sunlight and wind resource.

Xu hướng kiến trúc mới trong năm 2017
The construction is opened and connected space
The architectures that have open spaces bring the modern beauty, bring the coolness due to the air flow is better and be good for the health of the family’s members.

Green Architecture: eco-friendly & saving-energy

Green Architecture, or sustainable building, is the new direction of modern architecture. Green Architecture saves the energy of light, water, wind, electricity,… and doesn’t cause negative impacts on the environment.

Xu hướng kiến trúc mới trong năm 2017
The work is designed in harmony with the landscape
Environmental friendliness and the creation of  sustainable ecosystem in architecture are important issues. The people who live in green constructions will also be relaxed, immersed in nature and reduce the pressure of work, life.

The return of traditional building materials

Green Architecture derives from green material. Instead of using concrete, iron, steel, now traditional materials are increasingly popular, such as: wooden, stone, bamboo,…

Xu hướng kiến trúc mới trong năm 2017
Bamboo – traditional building material
The traditional materials are simple, rustic but when they’re brought into the work, they bring the modern and delicate beauty. In addition, traditional materials contribute to create better habitat: be fresh, cool, airy and bring nature closer to people.

Focusing on function rather than form

In 2017, architecture has the trend which focus on function and purpose uses rather than form. It doesn’t mean the architectural form of the work is forgotten, but the buildings will be more focused on the convenience of those who living in it.  

Xu hướng kiến trúc mới trong năm 2017
The works are more focused on function
Today, the convenience is very important. Therefore, not only the modern landscape, but the well-designed interior also receive a lot of attentions.

Tradition combines modern

The combination of creative architecture and modern technology with the traditional beauty is one of the new trends in 2017. So, the colors are prefered in most are dark and white. The buildings have classic architecture with unique, modern interior are always very popular.

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