The multi-column house

Các cột nhà đều làm từ vật liệu tre


The role of column is load or support to load for each item of the project. Due to the important characteristic, sometimes the columns cause the narrowness and heaviness. Therefore, many architects always hide the presence of columns in design. However, BambuBuild with own design style, created the multi-column houses.

The multi-column house of BambuBuild

In the multi-column houses of BambuBuild, column is focal point of whole space with the unique, creative bamboo structure.

Nhà nhiều cột
The multi-column house
The columns are built from bamboo material, it’s very close to Vietnamese people, rustic and eco-friendly. Bamboo is tubular, compact size, load-bearing well, bending easily, so bamboo is used flexibly. Bamboo culms are connected together to make the strong bearing columns.
Các cột nhà đều làm từ vật liệu tre
The columns are built from bamboo material
Bamboo columns are designed curved gently, or strong cubic style, extended to the roof. Columns have the role of decoration, as well as shade for the people standing below.
Cột là tâm điểm không gian
Column is focal point of whole space
The columns are arranged in parallel or alternate, order and doesn’t cause boredom, not cover the sight of viewers. The distances between the columns create the ways for the people inside.
The ceiling is also made from bamboo, it’s simple but no less luxurious.
Các cột được thiết kế song song và xen kẽ nhau
The columns are arranged in parallel and alternate
The multi-column house is good heat insulation, it creates the open and airy space, be harmonious with nature, provide a strong visual impression.
The works are the combination of the traditionally and scientifically architectural characteristics, it brings the modern beauty, just shows Vietnamese cultural identity.
Those architecture are relatively sustainable. If it’s preserved well, its life expectancy can be up to 50 years.
Công trình đem đến ấn tượng thị giác mạnh mẽ
The works provide strong visual impression

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