The features of sustainable architecture

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Why we need sustainable architecture?

For the long times, modern architecture has focused too much on creating the artificial environment that forget human need to live in harmony with nature. As the result, energy and natural resources were wasted.
According to the statistic in Europe, more than 50% domestic waste and 50% pollutants come from construction activities, 40% energy consumption is related to the construction industry.

Construction industry pollutes environment
Construction industry pollutes environment
During the 60s and 70s, the construction industry often used materials or methods that inflicted harm or destruction to their surroundings. Because of this negative impact, individuals and groups took up initiatives to promote more eco-friendly types of construction. Therefore, sustainable architecture concept was born.
Sustainable architecture
Sustainable architecture

What’s sustainable architecture?

Sustainable architecture is the architecture that uses the smart approaches to conserve energy and ecosystems in design of the built environment., brings the balance between human and natural environment. The sustainable work must be harmonious with natural landscape and vice versa, the nature with also enhance that work.

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Sustainable architecture: reduce the impact to environment
The goal of sustainable architecture is to reduce the strong impact of architecture and construction to surrounding environment in order to achieve sustainable value for ecosystem and human environment in present and in the future.

The features of sustainable architecture

In sustainable architecture, nature is the primary factor influencing the architectural process, the work must be designed with the forms and the functions harmonious with natural resources.

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The features of sustainable architecture

The principles of sustainable architecture

  • Sustainability in structure, material, techinique
  • Sustainability in zoning, landscape. environment
  • Sustainability in aesthetic
  • Sustainability in culture
  • Sustainability in economy
  • Sustainability in society

The benefits of sustainable architecture

Environmental benefits: Advance living environment, protect nature, improve the air and water quality, reduce solid waste, protect natural resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
– Economic benefits: Maximize the natural resources, reduce electrical power consumption, reduce the cost of operations,  increases property value, improve manufacture, optimizes the life cycle of the building.   
– Social benefits: Advance the health and convenience for people, contribute to form the healthy society. Bring the safety and satisfaction to the community when live in sustainable constructions or cities.

Kiến trúc bền vững đem đến nhiều lợi ích
Sustainable architecture brings many benefits

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