The advantages of bamboo furniture

Nội thất tre


The advantages of bamboo furniture. One of the easy way to protect environment is decorate your house by eco-friendly products. The most simple product we talked is bamboo furniture.
The inherent characteristics of bamboo with advances in manufacturing techniques made the high value interior products both in term of functionalities and aesthetics. The products made from bamboo not only bring economic benefits, but also bring ecological benefits. These are 7 great reasons that you should choose bamboo furniture to decorate your house.

Nội thất tre
Bamboo furniture
  1. Safe

Bamboo can grow without fertilizers or pesticides. Therefore, the bamboo products are organic products, entirely clean and no residue of chemicals left on it. This is “green choice” to protect your family’s health.

Vách tre
Bamboo wall – bamboo ceiling

2. Sustainable

Bamboo furniture is more impact resistant than wooden furniture. If use treated bamboo, bamboo furniture will ensure sustainability and no termite.
Bamboo furniture will not shrink or expand in moist or dry environments. Especially, bamboo is also more scratch-resistant than most hardwoods, as well as keep the color and brightness for many years.

Quầy tre
Bamboo counter

3. Variety of design

The products made from bamboo are variety of type, form, style, abundance in value of use, economy. Beside the inherently rustic beauty, bamboo furniture also brings the modern beauty, suitable for the style of the houses today.

Bàn ghế tre
Bamboo table – bamboo chair

4. Bamboo furniture is lighter than wooden furniture

Bamboo furniture is lighter than wooden furniture. So, you can easily move and arrange it if necessary.

5. Clean and preserve easily

Although you don’t need much time and effort to clean and preserve bamboo furniture, it also need to be cleaned regularly to avoid dirt and maintain the brightness. You can use small broom, soft towel and mild soap to clean it. Be careful when use cleaning fluid. Especially, avoid using bamboo furniture when it wet, let dry before using.
For outdoor furniture, you should put it under the porch to avoid the direct and continuous impact of rainwater and sunlight.

Nội thất tre vệ sinh và bảo quản đơn giản
Bamboo furniture is cleaned and preserved easily

6. Creat green space

Bamboo furniture not only creates the simple and comfortable space, it also brings human life closer to nature. In particular, bamboo furniture can be suitable for any space: wide or narrow, traditional or modern.

Ưu điểm của nội thất tre
Bamboo furniture is suitable for any space

7. Protect environment

While wooden trees need decades to mature, bamboo grows very fast, it only takes about 3-5 years to re-grow bamboo that has been cut. Comparing with wood, bamboo is the best renewable material, so its production can be sustained without harming the ecology. Your decision to use bamboo furniture would leave help our planet from suffering from more injuries, thereby ensuring a good life for our coming generations.

Ưu điểm của nội thất tre
Using bamboo furniture contribute to protect ecological environment
⇒ Most of us simply pick furniture based on our hobbies, but from now on, let choose bamboo furniture to contribute protect ecological environment!

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