How harvest bamboo properly?

Harvest bamboo properly


Harvesting bamboo is one of the most important steps to use bamboo. Harvest bamboo properly not only helps to use bamboo material well, brings economical benefits, but also contributes to preserve natural environment.

Which bamboo?

Of course, we only harvest mature bamboos. Bamboo regenerates every year. New tree grows year-round, so it forms not the same age bamboo forest. Therefore, when harvest bamboo, we should choose to cut old trees so that young trees can grow propitiously.

Harvest bamboo properly
Harvest bamboo properly
The bamboo takes 3-5 years to mature. To recognize the mature bamboo, we can mark the time on bamboo, or base on the colour of the stem. Young bamboo is light green and shiny. When bamboo is old, the colour will be darker, there will have layers of mushrooms and mosses cling to stem.
Harvest bamboo properly
Harvest bamboo properly
We should also cut the diseased bamboos in order not to affect other trees.

When harvest bamboo?

The time of harvesting bamboo influences greatly to the durability of bamboo and the development of bamboo forest.
In the rainy season, the water content in bamboo stem is very high. So when bamboo cut down, if it’s not treated betimes, it will be attacked by worms, termites,.. This is also the growth stage of bamboo, so the activities of metabolism is very strong. If bamboo is cut, the solution from the wound has a lot of nutrients, so it’s easy to be infiltrated by bacteria that cause to rot root, affect the growth of the whole bamboo bush.

The time to harvest bamboo properly is the end of rainy season - early dry season
The time to harvest bamboo properly is the end of rainy season – early dry season
In addition, this stage has the appearance of new shoots, so the harvest can damage it.
In the end of dry season, the starch content in bamboo is the highest, so harvest in this time can increase the risk of borers.
Harvest bamboo
The time to harvest bamboo properly is the end of sunny season – early dry season
Therefore, the time to harvest bamboo properly is the end of rainy season – early dry season. At that time, the trunk has low moisture, better use value, not effect on new shoot, the harvest and trasportation is also easier.

How many?

Depending on the purpose to use that determine the number of harvest. Don’t cut the quantity bamboo beyond the growth of new bamboos to ensure that not decrease forest ecosystem.

How harvest?

There are two methods of cutting bamboo:

  • Cutting across the ground
  • Cutting deeply to remove the root and retain the original

Let’s wait 3-4 days after cutting to druning, it helps resin to dry, improve the value of uses and ensure the growth of other trees.

How transport?

Bamboo is usually transported by trucks or trolleys. If the mass is large, or long-distance transportation, bamboo will be transported by waterway or railway.

Tre phải được xử lý tốt
Transport bamboo properly
When moving, don’t drag bamboo on the ground, or put it on hard land. Because it will cause the bamboo dirty and crack.
Harvesting bamboo is the necessity for bamboos grow continuosly. Mature and old bamboos should to be exploited for new shoots develop. BambuBuild always attaches to use the bamboos harvested properly to ensure the sustainability of our bamboo architectures.

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