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In the face of the dangers of climate change, the growing social concerns to environment, people start to turn to green building materials.
Green materials are materials that minimize negative impacts on the environment during the process of exploitation, manufacture, transportation, construction and destruction of architectures. It also are the non-toxic materials, can be recycled after using, have long life cycle, resource saving and don’t affect to environment.
Green building materials are classified by source as:

  • The materials can be recyclable, natural circulation, have large reserves, fast growth, such as: bamboo, wood,..
  • The materials are available, easy to make and construct, such as: land, stone,…
  • The materials reduce toxic to environment, reduce energy consumption, have little effect on  natural resources, such as: unbaked bricks, lighweight concrete,..

With BambuBuild see 7 green building materials used in today green architecture:

1.Unbaked building material:

Unbaked building material is material that can suffer high pressure, can insulate, soundproof, achieves mechanical index such as: compression, flexure, water absorption. These materials are made by utilizing the waste of construction and mining industry. In addition, the production of unbaked building material helps to minimize pollution and greenhouse gases.

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Unbaked building material

2.Rammed earth:

Rammed earth is combination of clay, water and stabilazer from nature. It’s compressed until freeze so it can suffer very high pressure, it’s higher than other bricks we using.
This is cheap material but effective, it has good thermal insulation and absoption. In addition, it also has good features such as fireproof posibility and antinoise.

Vật liệu xanh trong xây dựng
Rammed earth
The architectures built from rammed earth that have existed for thousands of years, such as: The Great Wall of China and Alhambra Palace in Spain. Rammed earth is also used for works in South America, China, India, Middle East and North Africa.

3.Recycled wood:

Recycled wood is used wood, which is collected from buildings, warehouses, wine barrels,.. These excess woods after cleaning can be easily and directly used for new architectures. This material has good thermal insulation and absoption, helps to keep the works always warm and cool. Recycled wood has the specific characteristics, both rustic and modern.

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Racycled wood


Ashlar is natural material that easy to find. It’s used for insulating layer, soundproof, fire-wall and fixing the buildings. The distance between outer cover and insulator layer creates the space that helps air to circulate. The hot air in cavity when raises will be released. This creates continue cycle of ventilation. Ashlar can be reused, it help to save money for user.

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The agricultural county releases average 3 million tons straws every year into the environment. If it’s used for buidling, it’s very economic, because its price is cheaper than other materials.

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Straw is packed into solid bales. Straw is used to create the walls, because when compressed, straw is very good at insulating, offers up to 45% more energy efficiency than traditional wall construction, suitable for extreme climate conditions such as: too hot or too cold.

6.Plant concrete:

This is the method of creating yards, pathways, sidewalks, paved roads that allow grasses and other floras to grow in it. The method limits the use of concrete, improving water absorption and drainage.

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Plant concrete


In the green materials, bamboo is used the most. It has combination of the durability and lightweight, it’s very eco-friendly. After exploiting, bamboo can regenerate itself without growing new trees. Bamboo can be planted everywhere in the world, with the area over 37 million hectares.
Bamboo can be used as the frame for the buildings, replaces for reinforced concrete, especially in difficult traffic ares that need reconstruction after natural disasters.

Tre được sử dụng nhiều trong các công trình xây dựng
Bamboo is used a lot in many constructions
When amout of the waste from construction industry is burdening the environment and people themeselves, bamboo material doesn’t create waste, but also create the clean-air for architectures.
⇒ See more about bamboo architectures
Among these green materials, bamboo is the material that BambuBuild is pursuing. We concern to environment so we use bamboo to create and build the architectures of art, unique and creativity.

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