Compare bamboo to wood

So sánh tre và gỗ


Bamboo and wood are 2 popular materials in architecture today. Althought they bring the unique beauty, bamboo and wood have different mechanical properties for each work.  Let’s compare bamboo to wood to find the most suitable material for your work!

Harvest time 3-5 years 20-50 years
Classify Grass Wood
Soil Garden, forest, riverside, flank Forest
Initial cost Low High
Absorb CO2 =4X =X
Release O2 = 1,35 Y = Y
Protect soil Planting bamboo prevents soil erosion and flash flood Each region will grow different types of wood (Indonesia grows Mahogany, Peltophorum tonkinensis Pierre, Acacia, Brazil grows rubber and cacao, Vietnam grows Gmelina arborea Roxb).
Weight Light Light wood (Sycamore, Zenia insignis,…), heavy wood (Iron wood, Lauan meranti,…)
Structure Fibrous Grain
Ductility Being easy to bend and good load-bearing after bending. Can be bent, wood’s ductility is less than vertical strength and greater than vertical compression strength. Structures can be bent such as beam, truss,.. No elasticity, so it cannot load-bearing after bending.
Renewable After harvesting, bamboo will be renewable itself without planting new tree. Planting new tree after harvesting.
Tensile strength Higher than steel Lower than steel
Compressive strength Higher than concrete Lower than concrete
Tensile resistance 6 times greater than steel Lower than bamboo
Mechanical property =3Z =Z
Life expectancy of work Up to 50 years 50-70 years
Hardness Be 27% more as hard as oak Medium
Cost Cheaper than wood Expensive

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