BambuBuild bamboo office

BambuBuild bamboo office

In the trend of Green Architecture, bamboo is the inspiration for many architects, also the new material chosen by many investors. Along with that trend, bamboo is also the direction of BambuBuild family. They completed many projects built from bamboo, for example: Serena Resort (Hoa Binh province), Suoi Hen Restaurant (Son La city),..It’s simple to imagine what material they used to create the mark for their bamboo office.

The location of BambuBuild office

The office has an area is less than 50m2, located on the second floor of Aga House building in the lane on Phan Dang Luu street (Phu Nhuan district, Ho Chi Minh city). BambuBuild bamboo office not only meets the needs of staffs, but also as a special business card for the visitors can recognize specific characteristics of this small business.

Lobby in BambuBuild bamboo office
Waiting room
Waiting room in BambuBuild bamboo office

Architecture’s structure

The architects at BambuBuild always try to create the charm and attraction for bamboo to impose on new architectures. Depending on different type of projects, scale and the rate of gross investments, the appearance of each products will be different.
Architects renovated the space and imposed main material – bamboo  – on this office, everything was changed. Now, it’s very impressive, entirely different from other normal offices. The premise before renovating is monotonous with gypsum partition and ceiling.
The only advantage is airy, windy and well lighted with sunshine. This natural energy source is salvaged, so that, the new office isn’t equipped with air conditioner. After dismounting gypsum partition and ceiling, BambuBuild experts used lightweight partition and made the ceiling from bamboo. They organized the space base on new needs, include: lobby, waiting room, area for staffs and managers.
The bamboo modules were arranged and associated by many shapes to create the impression and highlight for the space. Bamboo was also used for furniture and decoration, from bench in the living room to the bar area chairs and flowerpots.

Area for staffs
Area for staffs in BambuBuild bamboo office
Area for managers
Area for managers in Bambubuild bamboo office

The message from bamboo office

By putting on new coat made from bamboo for the office, and selecting bamboo for new direction, the managers of BambuBuild have sent a clear message: They want to build green architectures, help to create better environment through the increasing usage natural and renewable materials, especial is bamboo material, positively contribute in green architecture’s future.

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