Bamboo works are not flammable

Ngày tre thế giới


Bamboo works are not flammable as people think. Although bamboo is natural material, the resistance to fire is not inferior to cement, iron, steel.

Ngày tre thế giới
Bamboo works are not flammable

What does cause fire?

According to Ho Chi Minh City Fire and Rescue Police Department, the causes of fire stem from the subjectiveness and carelessness of people.

Bamboo works are not flammable

Bamboo works today are popular due to its unique beauty. However, many people are also worry about the ability of fire-prevention. Everybody thinks that bamboo works are easy to burn. However that statement is completely wrong!

Công trình bằng tre không hề dễ cháy
Bamboo is split
Bamboo is flammable when it’s split. The intact bamboo has the hard outer cover, so it’s difficulty flammable. In BambuBuild’s projects, bamboo structures are connected closely, it’s harder to fire.
Cấu kiện tre được liên kết chặt chẽ
Bamboo structures are connected closely
For bamboo works, sometimes thatch roof is easy to burn. However, today we have the solution to surmount this disadvantage. The workers will cover the chemical layer on the roof. This chemical has the effect of limiting the fire spread, protects the whole architecture.
Especially, BambuBuild’s designs always forward to the low-rise buildings with open and airy space, closer to nature. These are the good features to protect bamboo work from fire.
Công trình có không gian mở và thoáng đãng
The work has open and airy space

How does the location work affect the fire risk?

The bamboo projects of BambuBuild are mainly restaurants, resorts on the large areas that have many streams, trees, cool climate so fire protection system is quite safe.
For the urban areas, Bambubuild’s experts will have the consultancy and design suitable with the area, location and plan to ensure safety for the works.
→ In conclusion, if we are initiative to fire-prevent well, bamboo architecture or the architectures built from concrete, iron, steel will be safe.

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