Bamboo pavilion

Nhà chòi tre trong văn hóa Việt Nam


Bamboo pavilion in Vietnamese culture

Bamboo pavilion is not only the fimiliar image of Vietnamese village, but it’s also the heaven childhood memories of many generations. Bamboo pavivlion was the place for adults rest, converse, the place for children gather to play and eat together. Bamboo pavilion was rustic, simple but it raised a lot of wild souls.

Nhà chòi tre trong văn hóa Việt Nam
Bamboo pavilion in Vietnamese culture

The use of bamboo pavilion

Many years ago, the people built pavilion to take care of kaingins. Bamboo pavilion attached as the second home of the farmers.
Today, bamboo pavilion is used to decorate, avoid sunshine, is the place to rest or the unique salesroom.

Nhà chòi tre kết hợp tường đá tạo lối đi
Bamboo pavilion is combined with rock wall to create the way
Bamboo pavilion is very suitable for the tropical climate in Vietnam. This is the best place to relax and recover good health in the space that be green, fresh and gentle with aroma of flowers and grasses.
The design of bamboo pavilion is also stylized more creatively to suit to the purposes of investors. Bamboo pavilion built from renewable materials, not only be airy and beneficial for users, but also contribute to protect environment and ecological landscape.
Nhà chòi tre tạo không gian thông thoáng
Bamboo pavilion creates the airy space

The location of bamboo pavilion

  • Placed in the garden or outside the sea.
  • Placed in the wide or narrow areas.
  • Placed in the traditional or modern architectural style.

BambuBuild bamboo pavilion

Bamboo pavilion maybe not be roofed or be roofed by thatches.
Bamboo pavilion is designed with open and windy space, helps the people inner can contact with the nature outside.

Nhà chòi tre có không gian mở đón gió
Bamboo pavilion has open and windy space
The bamboo structures are completely before assembling to install work, it helps to save the construction time and cost, but ensure the work will be stable before both internal and external effects.
Nhà chòi tre rất vững vàng
Bamboo pavilion is very firm
The more the urbanization grows and the tall buildings raise, the less the bamboo pavilions and bamboo houses appear. Today, cement, iron, steel are increasingly common in construction, the works built from renewable materials like bamboo is less appreciated. However, BAMBU have still silently built bamboo works and bring bamboo into our designs to keep the Vietnamese culture in architecture.  

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