3 bamboo species are in danger of extinction in Viet Nam

tre trúc quý hiếm


With years of experience in designing, building, decorating bamboo architecture, bamboo furniture,… BambuBuild has the knowlegde of the rare bamboo species in Viet Nam and in the world. Among nearly 200 bamboo species in Vietnam that BambuBuild introduced in the previous article. There are extremely rare and endangered bamboo species. We listed below 3 bamboo species in The Red Book of Vietnam.

Phyllostachys nigra (Black bamboo)

It grows in mountainous area of over 1300m, near the stream, where high humidity. In Viet Nam, Black bamboo grows in Sapa (Lao Cai province).
Black bamboo’s color is dark purple, shiny. Rhizome monopodial growth, average diameter is 1.5cm. It has hollow tube, cylindrycal traight culm, 2 – 4 cm diameter, 6 – 7m high.

Tre trúc quý hiếm
Black bamboo
The leaf of black bamboo has ovan shape, 8 – 12cm long. Leaf tip is sharp, leaf tail is oblong. It’s often used for medicine.
Tre trúc quý hiếm
Black bamboo
With impressive beauty, Black bamboo is used to decorate.

Phyllostachys aurea (Fish-pole bamboo)

In Viet Nam, Fish-pole bamboo distributes only in Bac Kan.
This bamboo is 5-13m high, 1.5cm diameter. The distance between internodes is 15 – 30 cm.

Tre trúc quý hiếm
Fish-pole bamboo
The internodes near the root are shortened and inflated, cross each other as the dragon is flying.
Tre trúc quý hiếm
Fish-pole bamboo
This bamboo mainly is used for ornamental tree.

Chimonobambusa quadrangularis (Square bamboo)

This bamboo has small square stem or squarish stem. The lower internodes usually have root that turn into short spine.
Square bamboo has rhizome monopodial growth, 3 – 8 m high, 1 – 5cm wide, rough shell. The internodes near the root has aerial root with spiky type.

Tre trúc quý hiếm
Square bamboo
Leaf is oblong shape, 8 – 20 cm long, 1 – 2 cm wide. Cuml leaf is thin, triangular shape. Outside of culm leaf covered with many hairs, especially on top and edge.
Just like Phyllostachys aurea, Square bamboo also distributes only in Bac Kan.

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