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BAMBUBUILD is a registered brand of BAMBU Co., Ltd.
With the passion and desire to create unique and environmentally friendly buildings with bamboo, BAMBUBUILD was founded by several experienced and enthusiastic professionals with their team of skilled craftsmen and workers. Thanks to our understanding of both pros and cons of this particular material, we know how to use bamboo in the most effective way in order to create impressive works with high aesthetics and bring peace of mind as well as satisfaction to our customers.
We have gradually made an impact on this field with a variety of projects. Many high-end restaurants, coffee shops and luxury resorts are built with bamboo in Vietnam. With our professional process of working, high sense of responsibility and commitment to always give top priority to our customers’ requests, we firmly believe that we can maximize the quality and satisfaction for our customers. We hope to win your acceptance and trust so that we can have chance to create more and more green works for a more beautiful life in harmony with nature.
Core values:
Bamboo is a source of inspiration to create unique works and its most valuable features are also a great source of inspiration for us to establish our core values in all of our activities as follows:

  • Strong: In BAMBUBUILD, we always maintain our enthusiasm and passion to be prepared to cope with and overcome all challenges we have to face to provide our customers with the best works.
  • Sustainable: In all projects, besides the aesthetics, we always focus on quality assurance at the smallest stages to create the perfect works and maintain their durability over time.
  • United: Unity makes strength; that’s why we always maintain proper policies and meaningful internal activities to form a united team which acts under a common goal and builds up an internally enormous strength of BAMBUBUILD.
  • Friendly: We always show our friendly behavior in all interactions with our customers and try our best to have their requests met in the most effective way. In addition, we always ensure a sense of responsibility toward the environment and community in all of our activities.

Customer service:
Please contact us if you need to answer any questions or cooperate with us. We are always ready to listen and look forward to messages from you.
Working hour:
Monday from Friday: 8:30 a.m – 5:30 p.m
The information of Bambu Co., Ltd

  • Address: 3nd Floor, 65 Nguyen Co Thach Street, Ward An Don Loi, 2 District, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
  • Phone: (+84) 908 851 685
  • Email: info@bambubuild.com
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